Hello, you...

Whether you’ve come to my site directly or simply stumbled upon it during your search for companionship, I welcome you with open arms and an open mind. So, let's get acquainted - shall we?

You can call me Ashley.

I’m an unabashedly hedonistic and disarmingly charming travel companion based in New York City. Originally hailing from the sunny coast of southern California, I’m a fun-loving, free spirited woman driven by my pursuit of pleasure, passion, and travel. Spending most of my days as a masters student, fervently taking notes and asking questions. My nights - being gently coaxed by Coltrane, bourbon in hand, completely engrossed in study.

On days I have respite from university, I indulge in forbidden acts with strangers who rather soon become lovers and friends. I travel the world, intent on gaining new perspective and appreciation for life. I do yoga, lift weights, and bike all over the city dodging taxis and out-of-state drivers with cat-like reflexes and super human speed. More than anything, I do my best to live life to the fullest - because it’s simply too short to do otherwise.

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Often described as a force of nature, I’m confident, charismatic, and kinky. I relish exploring the depths of human sexuality and pride myself on pushing the limits of how good “good” can feel.  As confident in stockings, stilettos, and a little black dress, as I am in a steel-boned leather corset, thigh high boots, and fishnets –I find myself most at home in jeans and a t-shirt... unless of course I can be naked - because I'd choose naked every time.

Regardless of what I have on (or don’t for that matter), I always wear a dazzling, often devious smile, have expressive almond-shaped eyes, caramel colored skin that glows like the sun, and a body that was simply built for sin.

In describing my sexuality, I’d have to say it’s ever-evolving - but I know exactly who I am. I am a cunning dominant seductress. I am an unrepentant bisexual. I am the best-behaved wild woman you’ll ever meet - completely uninhibited and undeniably real.

That said, nothing turns me on more than a good conversation - as my desires are anything but skin deep. So, let’s get lost in conversation over cocktails in candlelit bars, or better yet, let’s make the world our oyster and give her a good shuck! From dancing to diving, to hollering at football games and traveling the world - I'm your girl. Unless of course, you’d prefer to simply stay nestled inside with our minds and bodies wrapped around each other... then, I'll meet you under the covers. 


a few intimate details...

AGE: Late 20's, but I've been told I'm an old soul.

HEIGHT: 5ft 9in in stockings / 6ft in high heels


EYE COLOR: Deep, chestnut brown

CURRENT HAIR STYLE: A fly, blonde fade. 
(read: short & natural)


EDUCATION: Obtaining my MS in holistic medicine

HOME TOWN: San Diego, CA (where they keep it classy.)

ASTROLOGICAL SIGN: Aries (Surprise, surprise.)

AVAILABLE TO: Men, women, & couples

I offer private incall in the Upper East Side of Manhattan & discreet outcall in New York City...
and keep a valid passport with my weekender bag at the ready - available to meet you anywhere in the world.