Hello, you - welcome.

Whether you’ve made your way here with a clear intention or just discovered my site during your search for companionship – I welcome you with open arms and an open mind. Creating space for playful, authentic, judgment-free experiences with others is a passion of mine, and I hope these pages serve as an invitation to cultivate many. 



Call me Ashley. I’m an unabashedly hedonistic and deviant, yet disarming travel companion & professional dominatrix based in New York City.

Originally from the sunny coast of southern California, I’m a lively, free-spirited black woman driven by my pursuit of pleasure, power, prosperity... and the perfect bourbon cocktail. What can I say? I know just what I want and go after it - a trait I’m almost sure, we have in common. My days are spent as a master’s student, fervently taking notes and asking questions - however, in the moments of respite from university, I indulge in forbidden acts with strangers that soon become lovers and friends. I travel the world intent on gaining new perspective and appreciation for life. I work on passion projects, practice yoga, kick a**, and take names – but mostly, I do my best to live life fully and with awareness, because it's just too short to do otherwise.

As confident in stockings, stilettos, & a little black dress, as I am in all leather with my favorite gimp in tow – I’m honestly just a Cali girl at heart who’s most at home in a nice pair of jeans and a white tee… unless of course, I can be naked – because I’d choose naked every time. Regardless of what I have on (or don’t, for that matter), I always wear a smile that’s as bright as it is flirtatious, my almond-shaped eyes are as expressive as they are engaging, and my caramel-colored skin accents a body built for sin… and worship.

Kinks aside, nothing turns me on more than a good conversation, because my desires are anything but skin deep. From football games and fetish parties, to dancing, dinner dates, and debauchery around the world – I’m your girl… and should you prefer to stay nestled inside, you can rest assured we’ll be laughing & lusting the night away, then counting the days until we can do it all over again. Until we meet...xx



Get to know me...

AGE: Late 20's... but I've been told I'm an old soul.

HEIGHT: 5ft 9in in bare feet / over 6ft in heels


SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Pansexual & Poly-amorous

HOME TOWN: San Diego, CA

ZODIAC SIGN: Aries (sun) / Scorpio (ascendant)

MY PERSONALITY IN 5 WORDS: Bold, Passionate, Playful, Empathetic & Open-minded

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Currently obtaining a Master of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine & Acupuncture; Associate of Occupational Studies & Licensed Massage Therapist

A FEW OF MY FAVORITE BOOKS: The 48 Laws of Power, Wheels of Life, Wild Side Sex: The book of Kink, I'll Never Write My Memoirs, Fahrenheit 451, & The Alchemist

A FEW OF MY FAVORITE APHRODISIACS: sandalwood, a crackling fireplace, A Proper bourbon cocktail, Santa Monica uni, fresh oysters, THC, belly laughs & money baths

THINGS I LOVE: globe-trotting, breath play, sweaty workouts, indelible culinary experiences, pegging, tattoos, baby otters, & adrenaline rushes


AVAILABLE TO: Men, Women, Couples, & Trans/gender non-conforming individuals

LOCATION: New York City, NY | Private incall: Upper East Side