Incall - New York City

I am available to host at my well-appointed, private incall apartment, located in a wheelchair accessible building, in the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

Outcall - NYC & Beyond

Additionally, I offer discreet outcall to upscale hotels and doorman residences in New York City.
*Minimum 2hr tryst required

Not in NYC but within three hours travel time on the AMTRAK? Simply cover the cost of my round-trip business-class ticket and I'll gladly come to you for a bit of TLC. (Minimum three-hour tryst & 72-hour notice is required.)


Woody Allen said it best, "sex between two people is a beautiful thing; between five it’s fantastic."... but, don't just take Woody’s and mine word for it. Seize the day! I'm friends with a group of scintillating individuals that would love to join us for a bit of debauchery - so, don't hesitate to ask.

Oh, and don't worry - if five sounds like a crowd, we can start slow. Click here for my list of play partners. (Individual provider rates apply.)



Yes lovers, you have found your unicorn! Truly bisexual women do exist and I'm a proud card-holding member of the illustrious unicorn club. Making you both feel at ease and in command of your experience is of utmost importance to me and I intend to respect all boundaries, in and out, of the heat of the moment. Whether you're in the mood for a wild night and kinky scenarios, have a longtime fantasy you yearn to fulfill, or simply, crave a breath of fresh air to add to your long-term partnership - I'd say it's time we see if this is the elusive triangular fit you've been searching for.


If you identify as a woman and crave that intimate connection that only women share, it would be my pleasure to spend time with you one-on-one. I am inherently attracted to women... always have been. Whether it be the nape of your neck, the curve of your spine or the depths of your mind, I genuinely look forward to exploring with you and invite you into my space with open arms.


Sensual domination & BDSM

Whether bending you over my knee, or dressing up and role-playing your wildest fantasies, my bag of tricks is packed and I am always ready. My mind is wicked and armed with an arsenal of deviance, while my play style is broad and my interests are many. A naturally dominant, sensual sadist– I’ve been kinky for as long as I can remember. What can I say? Creating space for real catharsis through kink, BDSM and fetish play is a passion of mine... and I do it often. Incorporating my love for power exchange, tease and denial, and edging into most of my play sessions is inevitable, as I am an intuitive and unscripted Mistress that is sure to leave her mark.

Ever the competent and compassionate play partner, I practice safe, sane and consensual (SSC) BDSM, risk aware consensual kink (RACK), and consensual non-consent. Additionally, I am First Aid & CPR certified and have obtained OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen certification.

Below are a few of my favorite kinks...
Tell me, how many do we share?

  • sensual-strict domination
  • bondage & discipline
  • tease & denial
  • role play
  • edging & CBT
  • prostate massage
  • breath play
  • corporal punishment
  • latex, leather, & fur
  • sensual wrestling
  • financial domination
  • edge play
  • forced intoxication
  • chastity + key holder service
  • water sports (a personal favorite!)
  • power exchange
  • boot, heel, & foot fetish
  • face-sitting & smothering
  • toys 4 boys & strap-on play
  • OTK spankings
  • sensory play & deprivation
  • caging & training
  • electro play
  • medical play
  • double domme
  • forced bi & feminization
  • cross-dressing
  • gender play
  • … and so much more.

My hard limits

Just as all conscious beings engage in self care, I am no different, as such, I do not engage in the following activities: play involving degradation surrounding ethnicity, gender, sexual identity, or orientation, unsafe or risky requests, or which causes permanent physical or psychological damage.

Additionally, I choose to only engage in extended/overnight play dates that leave plenty of room for proper aftercare and downtime to recuperate for all involved.

temptation through touch

Have you ever been touched and had your body so fully understood, that you could surrender to the sensations and completely forget the outside world? If the answer is anything but 'yes' - I invite you on an indulgent exploration of the senses sure to clear your mind, shed your tensions, and help you to focus on the pleasure of the moment.

Light bondage, sensory deprivation, sensual massage, and erotic sensation play are just the beginning...

What comes next, is simple:

Pure bliss.

Endless pleasure.

Cathartic release.

As a Certified Practitioner of Bondassage & Elyisum and a highly trained massage therapist - it is my pleasure to be your guide, your muse, and your mistress in the most deliciously exquisite sensual domination experience you've ever had.

Now, question is - are ready to surrender?

*All adventures begin with a brief questionnaire to establish boundaries, hard limits, physical limitations, & desires.

**Specializing in the following modalities: Swedish massage, Shiatsu, Tui Na, Reiki, some Tantric breath work & energetic body work.

There's something much greater than the typical client/escort relationship happening here, and you want to explore it just as much as I do. Of course, this is isn't something either of us would agree to lightly, as it requires a significant commitment (and genuine compatibility) on both our parts - however, should the stars align & our desires be mutual,  an exclusive arrangement may be worth exploring.

Semi exclusive arrangement

Changing our dynamic to that of a semi-exclusive nature means that we can break free from the hourly structure & truly savor the moment. Some evenings we'll spend enjoying a fine meal and engaging conversation, while others may be spent basking in hedonistic bliss - completely unencumbered by the rest of the world.

Semi-exclusive starting at.....................................10k per month

Total Exclusivity

Ideally, changing our dynamic to that of an exclusive nature means that you'll become my partner in passion and my mentor, aiding my future endeavors and providing me with knowledge unattainable elsewhere. I'll become your confidante and refuge, available to you (within reason) in a moment's notice. We’ll explore the world and one another... we'll snuggle up on lazy Sundays... and perhaps, even take that vacation you've been putting off since forever. More than anything, we will live and we will laugh - because there's simply no better time to do so.

Exclusive arrangement starting at.....................................  inquire