Rules of Engagement



Please understand that screening is a must and required without exception. There’s simply no if’s, ands, or butts about it – except mine, its glorious. In all seriousness, what I ask for is the minimum necessary to feel comfortable with meeting a complete stranger, as my safety is paramount.

In the words of my father, “prior proper planning prevents piss poor performance…” so be sure to allow ample time when planning our adventure, as it may take up to 72 hours to complete verification.


I offer two methods of verification – companion references and employment verification. Either method is used to help ensure the safety and discretion of us both.

Rest assured that your discretion and privacy are of utmost importance to me and I take every measure possible to ensure their protection. My prompt & professional assistant, Cindy, whom I’ve worked with for more than three years, has signed a NDA and will be guiding you through the initial booking process. This way we can meet without all of the ennui of screening and scheduling. When you’re ready to get in touch, you can find my booking form by clicking the button below.

If you’re a couple – please understand that both halves of your partnership must submit a booking form.

Though I do utilize an ssl secured booking form, I understand your hesitation to submit your information online. Should you prefer, you can send your completed form information, along with a proper introduction to my encrypted email server by clicking the button below.


I am available to host at my well-appointed, private incall apartment, in a handicap accessible building, located in the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

For your convenience, my assistant will send you an email the morning of our rendezvous to confirm our date and provide general area of my incall location. I’ll give you a call, from a blocked number, fifteen minutes prior to our date to give you the building & buzzer number.

I offer discreet outcall to upscale hotels and private residences in New York City. Kindly add $100 to my fee.

Should I be coming to your place, Cindy will simply confirm the time, location and room/apartment. I’ll phone you from a blocked number when I’m en route.

Not in NYC but within three hours travel time on the AMTRAK?

Simply cover the cost of my round-trip business-class ticket and I'll gladly come to yours for a bit of TLC. Minimum three-hour tryst & 72-hour notice is required.  


Once we're together, let's get the formalities out of the way, first thing. You can settle my fee with an unsealed envelope placed in clear view. No discussion is necessary. 

Should we be meeting publicly, it's best that we forego the envelope in favor of discretion. Instead, slip my fee in between the worn-in pages of your favorite book or perhaps a gift bag. No one around us will be the wiser, and you’ll be adding to my ever-expanding collection of literature Should you want to add a little something to said gift bag, you can find a few of my favorite things, by clicking here.


As a dedicated student, full-time businesswoman, and all around driven (read: Type A) individual, I tend to keep a pretty full agenda. That said, I’d be delighted to carve some time out just for you.

I require a 50% deposit to secure engagements of three or more hours in length, couples encounters, and all travel plans.

I understand how unpredictable life can be and that genuine emergencies do arise...

Should unforeseen circumstances require you to cancel or reschedule our plans unexpectedly... I ask that you give a minimum 72-hour notice. I’ll hold your deposit for a future tryst. Should proper decorum slip your mind completely and you find the need to cancel within 24 hours– you forfeit your deposit in full.

In the event you must cancel travel plans... I will hold your deposit, minus a 25% fee, for up to 60 days to re-book our plans. Should proper decorum slip your mind completely or you find the need to cancel within 24 hours– you forfeit your deposit in full.

In the incredibly rare event that I must cancel... your deposit is 100% refundable. If you'd prefer, after profuse apology and questioning of the gods for punishing me, I will hold your deposit applying it to future plans. In which case, I’d likely suggest a consolation of some sort like treating you to a full body Swedish massage, a light nosh, or, perhaps even, extending our time together.


If you have a thing for smoky eye makeup and red lips ... just can't get enough of my ever-expanding latex collection... or, you simply like the way hair falls in front of my eyes when I laugh - include your request during the booking process and I'll see what I can do about tailoring my look to your preferred palate.

If you have a specific clothing request that currently falls outside of the scope of my wardrobe, please do tell. Depending on the nature of your request, plans for its purchase can be made with relative ease, ensuring its timely arrival in accordance with our date.



Regardless of my line of work, my momma didn't raise no ho. I'm a lady through and through - feminine, fierce, and phenomenal. You'll find my personal style is more of a reflection of my current mood - from vampy to demure, effortlessly chic to jeans & a t-shirt, and everything in between. When planning social outings, I often default to a tasteful, understated, vampy cool wherein I typically wear mid to low heels, my natural hair and light makeup, and forgo the perfume. 


It goes without saying that I love a good tussle between the sheets, but a girl can’t live off the pleasures of the flesh, alone. Let’s sip cocktails in swanky bars, have a picnic in the park, or better yet, prepare ourselves for a gastronomic feast and dine at one of the city’s finest eateries.

Engagements of three hours must include cocktails (or coffee).

Engagements of four or more hours must include a proper meal.

Lest I get hangry - and you don’t want to see me when I’m hangry!


Let’s take our time together and enjoy a night out on the town, falling asleep in each others arms. When we rise the next morning, we’ll greet the sun with our own salutations and then bask in the heat of the moment, waiting for room service to arrive. I mean really, what better way to start the day than a good night's rest, a well-rounded breakfast and a bit of loving in the AM?

Of course, minty fresh breath is a must for forenoon necking... because let's be honest - morning breath is NEVER okay.

Aside from the freshest, darkest roast you can possibly find, first thing in the morning - I'm a rather easy-going girl, requiring only seven hours minimum uninterrupted sleep to function as human being. Though, that's not to say I'm a morning person, so if I ask for "just 5 more minutes" upon waking (three times in a row)... please, don't judge me.

Should we be planning for holiday in the guise of an adventure lasting three (or more days) -  I require 4 hours alone time per day to reconnect with my highest self. This way, I can continue to provide you with my very best.


It's true what they say; absence makes the heart grow fonder. Then, there are those days when you simply want what you want, and you want it now. With a bit of planning, I can bring the decadence right to your doorstep or a chic hotel of your choosing, anywhere in the world. I keep a valid passport and weekender bag, at the ready - that, combined with the added benefit of Global Entry and we'll be jet setting to far-flung destinations in no time. Of course, proper notice is a must - domestic travel minimum 72-hour notice; international travel minimum seven-day domestic

The responsibility of round-trip first-class airfare and travel accommodations lie with you & must be included with your deposit. Then you can sit back and relax, leaving the travel concerns to me. Of course, proper notice is a must - domestic travel minimum 72-hour notice; international travel minimum seven-day domestic.


It goes without saying – cash is king. However, I’ve chosen to add a bit of flexibility in my payment options in hopes of traveling the world and feeding my soul.

Your cash deposit... may be sent via UPS or FedEx overnight to my business mailing address. Should you be feeling especially generous prior to shipping it off, you can find some of the things that I'm currently coveting on my wish list.

Should you prefer to pay electronically... your deposit can be sent via credit card or PayPal; confirmation of funds is required minimum 72 hours in advance. Please be advised that electronic transactions incur a non-refundable 5% processing fee.  Discreet billing is available.

Delta Sky Miles & United Frequent Flyer Miles... Help to aid my travels and feed my wanderlust! Should we be spending a minimum of six hours together, 25% of your deposit may be sent via transfer of Delta or United airline miles into my Frequent Flyer account.  Please be aware once transferred, miles are non-refundable. (1 USD = 1000 Delta or United Sky Miles)


I am a libertine at heart and a safe sex advocate by choice. Maintaining my good health is paramount and I have strict non-negotiable boundaries regarding unsafe play. Please believe, I am NOT the one - I have zero tolerance for risky requests or radical behavior.

Additionally, I am First Aid & CPR certified and have obtained OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen certification.


It would be my pleasure to meet with you. I'm attracted to all kinds of people of legal age and sound mind. Age, gender, orientation, physical dis/ability, race, and size play no part in my decision to see you. In addition, to my incall being wheelchair accessible, I have ample experience caring for and working with differently-abled bodies.


Although I'm not a proponent of reviews, as I believe opinions of this nature are inherently subjective— and find the so-called "hobby" of rating intimate encounters with women on a scale of 10, incredibly crass— I acknowledge the silver lining involved with reviews and admittedly, have obtained a number of glowing reviews over the years. If you're curious, you can read my solo reviews here; and duo reviews herehere, and here.


In the event that I am unavailable and you find yourself in need of a reference, I’m happy to provide one, so long as I’ve had the pleasure of your company within the previous 6 months. Simply email me in advance, when you intend to list me as your reference and I'll be sure you’re given the go ahead. The same rule applies to updating Preferred411 okays, Date-Check references, & TER Whitelists.