—  hello, you... welcome.—

Bound and determined, you’re here because you’ve grown tired of hiding your passions, sense of adventure, and true desires.

It’s exhausting after-all, having to constantly fight against what you crave the most. An experience that’s truly different. A woman who satisfies your tastes for the esoteric, erotic, and, well… carnal.

I left a life filled with routine, denial, and frustration years ago when I shook off propriety and  created a life that’s intensely satisfying and disarmingly atypical. My drive to go after what I truly desire has lead me to discover my gifts as a well-practiced and dynamic hedonist.

I want to share these gifts with you. There’s little I love more than showing people just how sensual, untamed, and pleasurable life can be— even if only briefly.

I’m the quintessential picture of “get you a girl who can do both;” as comfortable knee-deep in the stacks researching for my Master’s dissertation as I am in knee-high (or higher) leather boots. Don’t worry— I’ve got the perfect accessories to suit the most romantic and intimate of dinner dates as well as the filthiest of flings. With a face that has launched countless ships and a body made for adoration, you’ll be left with a certain craving that’s only satisfied when we’re together.

From jaunts around the world discovering new and exciting ports of call to conversations close to the heart, I love being in your arms laughing the night away as much as I enjoy dining, drinking, and dancing with you through the night. We’ll look great together bathed in the morning sun that’ll rise on our watch, too.

You’re really here because you reach out for what you most desire. Don’t ever hesitate to reach for me.

xx, Ashley




Age: 30 years w/ an old soul

Figure: Fit & feminine

Education: Current Masters Student

Height: 5ft 9in in stockings, over 6ft in heels

Eyes: Deep mahogany brown

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Measurements: 34DDD - 26 - 36

Tattoos & piercings: Several, ears & nose

Zodiac: Aries (sun) / Scorpio (ascendant)